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The firm has an experienced and professional team of 19 lawyers and ancillary staff, and conducts its activity via a departmental structure, each department specializing, on the one hand, in its field of expertise, and on the other hand, working in concert and coordination with the other departments in the office in order to cater for the overall client needs. The firm’s departments include, inter alia, the commercial and corporate law department; the real estate and property department; and the litigation department.

Granot & Co. prides itself in the service it provides that does not relate purely to formalistic legal aspects of any given issue, but rather is impacted by the firms extensive experience in related fields, including financing, securitizations, banking and tax planning, to provide a practical and streamlined service, conducive and tailor made to an overall commercially driven expectations of its clients.

The firm’s structure allows, on the one hand, provision of a professional and focused service, and on the other hand, large-scale service, capable of addressing a variety of business activities and the client’s different and diverse needs. The firm is capable of providing services both in Hebrew and in English at a mother tongue level, even though the firm caters to French speaking clients as well.

The firm has international relations with International law firms, allowing our Clients receive a thorough consultation tailored to their needs. In addition, our office serves as the Israeli Representative Office of the German law firm FPS. This firm includes 130 lawyers, with offices in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

The firm’s clients are very diverse, stemming from diverse fields of activity and backgrounds including: private persons, corporate clients from different sectors (consumer, construction, infrastructure, technology, services, security & defense, tourism, etc.); governmental corporations; financial institutes (banks, investment companies, venture capital funds); Settlement, agriculture and cooperative bodies; and many others. ;

Sectors in which the firm has particular experience:
Yield Assets;
Hotel and hospitality industry;
Technology and start up companies;
Private equity;
Due Diligence and Acquisitions;
Agriculture and settlement issues;

The firm also played a key role in the reparations paid by the Israeli government to businesses and individuals as part of the disengagement from Gaza;

GRANOT & Co., and its experienced and creative team of lawyers, provides its clients with personal, professional and efficient services. We will be delighted to be at your service at any time.

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