Shai Granot, Adv

  • Member of the Israel Bar Association
  • Licensed in Israel since 1988
  • Managing Partner
  • Academic Degrees: Bachelor in Law (LLB), University of Bar Ilan in 1986.
  • Areas of Practice: Corporate Law, Commercial Law, International Law, Banking, liquidation and receivership.
  • Languages: Hebrew, English, French, Arabic.
Adv. Shai Granot established the firm in 1991, together with Adv. Neil Smollett and Richard Naimer, and has served ever since as the managing partner of the firm. Adv. Granot was qualified as an Adv. in 1988 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) from Bar Ilan University. Over the years, Adv. Granot has practiced insolvency law and was appointed by the district courts as a receiver on behalf of the leading Israeli banks to companies from various lines of business, some of which had been the largest in the economy until their collapse. As part of these duties, he specialized in quick takeover of companies and their assets and bringing them to the optimal condition in order to sell them to third parties, either as a \"going concern\" or by efficient and proper realization of their assets, while maximizing the profits of the banks and other companies' creditors. During the recent years and as part of his long experience in managing failing companies as a court appointed functionary and rehabilitating them for realisation purposes, Adv. Granot has been serving as the Chairman of the board of directors of several large companies, in both real estate and hotels fields, and led them to growth and significant improvement of their economic situation. Adv. Granot serves as personal legal adviser to a number of key persons of the Jewish communities in Europe, including communities in Geneva, Paris, London and Milan. In this role, Adv. Granot and his office staff provide comprehensive consultations on issues of Israeli & international taxation , support during transactions within Israel (in the retail, private real estate and commercial real estate businesses), including the stage of identifying the transaction through business and legal negotiations and supporting the customer in managing the acquired asset.