The litigation department provides litigation services, primarily in the field of commercial litigation, at all court levels

The litigation department provides litigation services, primarily in the field of commercial litigation, at all court levels (Magistrate, District, Supreme Court of Appeals and High Court of Justice) and justice tribunals (civil courts, labor courts, municipal courts, administrative courts, family courts, criminal courts, etc). The litigation department is adept in the handling of diverse types of legal procedures, including arbitrations, alternative dispute resolutions, administrative petitions, class action suits, anti-trust procedures, etc

The litigation department represents both private and corporate clients. Amongst the department’s corporate clients are large and leading corporate bodies, which include banks, financial institutes, and governmental and municipal authorities.

The litigation department is adept in handling disputes in a diverse range of commercial and civil issues, related to corporate law; banking law; bankruptcy, liquidation and receivership procedures; municipal law; property law, administrative law; labor law, tenders; intellectual property and copyrights.

The litigation department and its members have been and are engaged in several major liquidation and receivership procedures, representing the leading banks in Israel. In addition, the litigation department is adept in the efficient and successful execution, realization and collection of notes, final judgments, and mortgages.

The litigation department’s members include lawyers specializing in bankruptcy, liquidation and receivership procedures, and who have an economic background. This background accompanied by practical experience enables our team to examine and analyze the economic and financial aspects relating to the realization of assets pursuant to procedures brought against its clients, and to further recommend actions to be taken.

The litigation department includes a team having an extensive practice in family law, which encompasses all matrimonial issues, including prenuptial and divorce agreements and arrangements, international child abduction cases, spouse and child alimony, custody issues, separation and division of joint assets. This practice also handles other matters relating to family law, such as local and international adoptions, preparation and probation of wills and handling of the deceased’s estate. This practice has also experience with issues relating to personal status, immigration, temporary and permanent residence visas and citizenship recognition. All such matters require and include representation before the competent family and rabbinical courts.

In addition, the litigation department has a criminal litigation practice, mainly “white collar fiscal criminal proceedings” cases (including tax, anti-trust and other administrative offense related criminal procedures), and provides advise and assistance throughout the entire stages of the criminal procedures: the complaint, the indictment, plea bargains, trial and if required appeals against judgments;

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